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There once was a time when Madonna sang about her experience as a virgin. She couldn’t get enough and wanted to break free. Nevertheless music was her first love and she enjoyed her paradise by the dashboard lights! As she got more than a feeling, she felt the lust for life….

Franky went to Hollywood for some reason, rain was purple, 7 horses with no names were riding in the skies, Michael was not a white guy and if you could read my mind, you had to shout and let it all out.

Anyways, the winner took it all and MTV showed us in 1982 the worst haircuts in the history of the world but what the hell, when the lady smiled, the sun always seemed to shine on TV.

Well, nothing’s gonna stop us now and you can blame it on the boogie if you want to, but the golden years are back and here to stay at the 70′s, 80’s, 90′s and 00′s “feel good parties” with
Studio Memories, creating new memories.